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Our Story:

Liberal YORK is a Community Based Organization for government & military officials seeking to try their luck in the private sector, economics or investment. It is managed as a body member of Liberal East African Flagship by consultants from Bueths & Kurt CDA which is a non-governmental organization that seeks to raise capital through diplomatic channels primarily for intellectual property players. Other common activities of interest include translation services, global mobility, corporate social responsibility projects & philanthropic endeavors for member companies.

Its operations are regional in nature but a global perspective is maintained at all times. Presently, we are accepting members with citizenship from the following countries:

1. Kenya
2. Uganda
3. Tanzania
4. Ethiopia
5. Rwanda
6. Burundi
7. South Sudan

Applicants should note that they do not have to be resident in the said countries in order to qualify. Proof of citizenship along with military or civil service is necessary.

Why You Should Join Us:

Fellow members contribute to our research & think tanks & are entitled to use information gained at meetings & other events, but not attribute it to a named speaker or source. This is to encourage candid debate while maintaining our privacy policies.

In exchange, we offer members lifetime memberships to our annual events that include; conferences, exhibitions, debates, hackathons, training programs & more.

Further, willing investors are allowed to subscribe to the CBIS Funds at preferential rates relative to market feesĀ & yield returns. The CBIS Funds are managed by professionals from Business Strategists & Custodians.

Getting Started:

In order to apply, submit an application through this platform & await response to formally submit your career resume & supporting documentation. Kindly specify your desired role(s) when prompted & note that submissions should be done in the exact format highlighted or risk being overlooked.


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